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James Yeager wins K-VAR Corporation 20TH Anniversary Video Contest

About 3 weeks ago the K-VAR Corporation initiated a contest called What’s Your Story. The contest was a part of their 20th year in business; the requirements were simply to make a video wherein the contestant picked their favorite K-VAR or Arsenal Inc. product and then tell their favorite story associated with that product. The contestants didn’t have much in the way of additional guidelines or content restrictions, but they were constrained by a 20 day time limit for the entire thing – film, edit, submit. Prizes were to be gift cards for $500, $300 and $100 for first, second and third place respectively.Videos were scored on creativity, enthusiasm, product knowledge and other factors.

On August 30th K-VAR announced the winners. However, when the final votes were tallied it turned out there was a tie between four contestants (first place was the clear winner); two for second place and two more for third. Rather than try to choose between those latter four, K-VAR went ahead and awarded identical prizes to everyone involved for their respective placement. First place was none other than Tactical Response HMFIC James Yeager.

Second place winners were Ashley Smith and Marc Matulis; third place winners were Chad Isaacs and Joe Banda. I’d show you Chad and Joe’s video but they are no longer live on the K-VAR YouTube channel (or weren’t to begin with). Watch here if you’d like to see if they are reposted.

Note: the K-VAR What’s Your Story contest is apparently the first of a series of competitions. More to follow on that.

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