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More RECOIL Coming Soon

More RECOIL Coming Soon

We don’t just welcome reader feedback, we encourage it. And one of the most common…

National Guard Birthday

Today marks the 376th anniversary of the military branch now known as the National Guard….

RECOIL Issue #5

RECOIL Issue # 5 is now available for purchase from the SIM Magazine Store. The…

Veterans Day 2012

We all know that our freedom isn’t free. It’s paid for with the courage, strength,…

USMC Birthday

Today marks the U.S. Marine Corps’ 237th birthday, which includes an annual cake-cutting ceremony at…

Rememberance: National September 11 Memorial

There is one date that has been seared into the collective consciousness of America this century. As Americans, we are ingrained with the spirit of unyielding…

RECOIL Issue #3 Available For Home Delivery

RECOIL Issue #3 is now available for home delivery purchase from the SIM Magazine Store. Shipping is available to US, Canada and International.