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Preview – Ruger’s LC9-LM – Defensive Laser Pistol

Preview – Ruger’s LC9-LM – Defensive Laser Pistol

Contrary to what you may think, carrying a gun for protection isn’t just restricted to “gun nuts.” Plenty of people who aren’t dedicated enthusiasts trust their safety to firearms.

Preview – when things do go wrong

You’re prepared. You’ve got your bug-out bag fully stocked, your defensive tools are at the ready, and more importantly, you have a plan…

Wanna Trade Patches?

WANNA TRADE PATCHES? Morale patches are great to slap on your bag or jacket to…

Going Hot

Model: Amy Fay Photographer: Jeff Lai Gun: MSAR STG-556 Rifle Scope: Trijicon ACOG 4×32 TA01NSN…

Preview – Reaction Time

In a Split-Second Street Attack, Drawing Your Gun Might Not Be Your Best Bet — or Could Even Get You Killed. Practice All Your Options