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Master Proven’s MP01 Fixed Blade

This is the Master Proven MP01 fixed blade. It was designed by Master Proven’s Grady Burrell and built by Darrel Ralph of  HTM Knives. It’s made of 154CM steel with 65 Rockwell hardness in Mr. Ralph’s shop in Texas (when he’s not fishing, that is). It is made with an aggressively textured handle that has a matching lanyard hole that corresponds to a spur at the rear of the blade. These two features provide this knife’s most unique feature – not just to ‘dummy cord’ it via the lanyard whole, but the capacity to wrap 550 cord (or other material) around the outside as a de facto ‘closed grip’ to maintain weapon retention. (Note: the one shown is actually the very first prototype.)

Blade length is 4.5 in., overall length is 9.25 in. The handle is textured black aluminum. It was designed specifically to fight with, and the 550 cord retention cable is intended to maintain your grip under sweaty, bloody or rough/impact conditions, and to allow you to perform important tasks (like conducting a reload, for instance) without losing any semblance of manual dexterity (see images in the gallery below).

The 550 cord (or other suitable material) is run tightly around the spur loop and secured at the hole. By suitable material I mean something that won’t slip. I tried both military paracord and some cheaper stuff and the latter not only slipped, it slowly stretched as you used it. I knotted the cord down; Darrel and Grady both used cinches from ITW Nexus. The sheath it ships with is built by FirstSpear using their 6/9 system. ( The 6/9 system is First Spear’s ‘modular pocket technology’ for use with those who don’t run the other FirstSpear platform, 6/12; it’s fully PALS/MOLLE compatible.)

HTM offers a 20% discount to military personnel (including retirees) who order direct. If you’re interested, they ask that you e-mail Lacey at HTM [Lacey (at)] to place your order, and let her know you want to use Mil/LE/Responder code MLER223. There are two styles of MP01 available; “Fixed Blade” and “Tanto”. Each of those can be purchased hone or serrated. You can also order them via Knife Works, Knife Country USA, Amazon and similar places.

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