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Osprey Publishing’s first video game has arrived

Osprey Publishing, the UK-based book company specializing in historical non-fiction resources, has released its first ever video game – Battleplan: American Civil War.

Available in the iOS app store as an app for iPad and iPhone as well as on assorted digital download retailers like SteamGreen Man GamingGamersgate and Gamefly, the game features both campaign play as Union or Confederacy as well as one-off battles. The game appears to be turn based rather than real-time; we haven’t seen much game play footage yet (see below), so if you’re interested you’ll want to set up an alert for that. The game is not focused on specific unit management; rather it is focused on brigade level decisions. Battleplan American Civil War 2

Read game features here or take a look at their screenshot album on Flickr. Battleplan American Civil War 3

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