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Noveske Shooting Team – 3 Gun Hero Trailer

Noveske Shooting Team – 3 Gun Hero Trailer

The Noveske Shooting Team (NST) has released a trailer for its upcoming 3 Gun Hero DVD. The DVD features Rob Romero, Jansen Jones & Katie Harris…

Product Showcase

Charles and Anson from Falcon Operations Group show you the down and dirty on stance, grip, and shouldering an AR-15.

Sig Sauer M1-A11Sweepstakes

Sig Sauer has a new sweepstakes for September 2012 where you could win a Sig M11-A1 pistol. The M11 is a compact pistol chambered in 9mm…

Costa Ludus Smith & Wesson M&P

Images have been going around the net showcasing a Chris Costa edition Smith & Wesson M&P pistol. Official information and pricing…

Handl Defense SCAR25 Lower for SCAR 17

Handl Defense has introduce the SCAR25 lower receiver for the FNH SCAR 17. The lower allows the 17 to use SR25, M110, and other magazines..

Product Showcase

Doroftei Genesis Sights

Doroftei’s patent pending Genesis Sights are a different than other back up sights. While most other back up sights need tools…


Source Interlink Media (SIM) today announced it had accepted the resignation of Recoil editor Jerry…