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Preview – Christini AWD 300

Technical Knockout

Persistence and innovation. No two words better describe Christini’s corporate philosophy than these. More than five years ago, the Pennsylvania-based company developed a revolutionary non-hydraulic all-wheel-drive system that simultaneously created and dominated a new segment of the off-road market.

A consistent race effort and a dedicated customer base both helped improve performance and raise awareness of Christini technology, but when the economy tanked, the brand failed to explode in popularity like everyone predicted. Still, Christini kept pushing. The AWD system began finding a successful niche in military applications, though Christini’s dream of selling an all-wheel-drive stock motorcycle through one of the major OEMs struggled to gain traction but remained alive. As a result, Christini did what any like-minded entrepreneurial brand would do: It built its own bike.

Preview   Christini AWD 300 photo

The all-new Christini AWD 300 is just that: a Christini. This complete machine is not a Honda or a KTM but rather a blend of components that make the bike uniquely Christini-like. Sure, the AWD uses a 300cc Gas Gas two-stroke engine, but that doesn’t mean it has much in common with anything you’ve seen on dealer floors. A hydraulic clutch, Paioli front suspension, six-speed transmission, and optional electric start are some of the main features of the AWD 300, not to mention the fact that power is delivered to the front wheel when the rear loses traction via an all-mechanical system.

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