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Preview – Defensive Shield M&P Shield

A recent trend developing in the handgun market is concealable polymer-framed single-stack pistols. Although they are designed to be small and lightweight for concealed carry, these little guns can also pack a fearsome punch, when called upon to do their duty in unexpected, dangerous situations. One of the newest models to hit the market is Smith & Wesson’s M&P Shield. The striker-fire Shield is available chambered in both .40 S&W and 9mm; we focus on the latter. As shooters of the full-size M&P45, M&P9 and long-slide version M&P9L, we are already familiar with M&P pistol family. We were interested in seeing how the newest and smallest member of the lineup translated.

Preview   Defensive Shield M&P Shield photo

The Shield definitely looks like it’s from the same lineage of the rest of the M&P pistol line. Its stainless steel slide is Melonite-coated and features beveled sides, as well as Smith & Wesson’s distinctive scalloped cocking serrations at the rear. Contained within the slide is a 3.1-inch stainless steel barrel, which features the same finish and a guide rod with a captured dual-recoil spring. From personal experience, we’ve found Melonite to be very durable, after accidently dropping an M&P slide on a concrete floor, the finish was unscathed.

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