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Preview – Kicking Tires on a 1911 Pistol

And Mike Searson

Know What to Look For When Buying Used

The 1911 pistol has been around for more than 100 years and is still one of the most popular pistols in the shooting world. Since its introduction, many variants of this handgun have come to market. Post-World War I experience brought a few updates to the platform that ultimately refined the pistol to what you see today: the model 1911A1. Most on the market today fall into the 1911A1 category. Because there are actually several variations with different designations, manufacturers and enthusiasts alike generally call the basic design “1911,” when not calling out a particular model, and so will we in this article.

Competitive shooters praise the 1911 for its accuracy, its wide range of accessories, and the legion of talented gunsmiths who can make this great gun better. Some collectors specialize in 1911 pistols and seek out rare wartime variants with government proof marks and military property markings. That being said, this gun isn’t limited to the pure enthusiast; there are plenty of new or casual shooters who enjoy the 1911. Regardless of where you stack up in that mix, you probably want to buy one without breaking the bank.

Preview   Kicking Tires on a 1911 Pistol photo

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