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Preview – Transport – Survivor Truck Apocalypse Wow!

Photography By Henry Z. De Kuyper
When Survival Goes to the Fittest, this Rig Will Definitely Make Road Warriors Out of its Occupants

Over the years we’ve seen Hollywood conjure up countless interpretations of how vehicles would take shape in preparation for, or in reaction to, doomsday. But if things go haywire in real life, would you really want to be driving Mel Gibson’s blown Interceptor or the rocket-launching Landmaster from Damnation Alley? Style is great on the silver screen, but in the event of a catastrophe, practicality is where the cream rises to the top.

In previous issues of RECOIL we’ve shown you what’s possible in accessorizing a fairly new ride, but the buck doesn’t stop there. Jim DeLozier has taken what many consider an old dog and outfitted it with all the trappings hell on Earth might necessitate. These older trucks are pretty damn resilient and given their versatility, affordability, and abundance, here’s a perfect example of how one was transformed to stay one step ahead if every man must fend for himself.

Preview   Transport   Survivor Truck Apocalypse Wow! photoPreview   Transport   Survivor Truck Apocalypse Wow! photo

Start thinking backwards from Armageddon and ask yourself what a vehicle would need. Are we talking civil unrest? Disease outbreak? Widespread power outages? The answer is all of the above, because in a true SHTF ordeal, a domino effect is likely. As a security consultant and father of two, DeLozier was not only thinking of how to bug out, but how his brood could survive for an indefinite period of time with limited resources if their only shelter was this truck. Jim carefully thought about how every single aspect of this truck would fare in austere conditions.

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