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RECOILtv Full Auto Friday Video: Minigun Motorcycle, Part 2

RECOILtv Full Auto Friday (s01e08): Minigun Motorcycle, Part 2

Well, if you haven’t seen part 1 yet, click HERE. Now it’s time for the continuation of the coolest bike on earth. Cal and Charlie Giordano from Tailgunner Exhaust join us as we make the last-minute refinements to spitting some lead out of the Tailgunner Dillon Aero M134X Interceptor. See it in all its full-speed, full-auto glory as the two-wheel version of Blue Thunder takes flight. Thank you Tailgunner Exhaust and Dillon Aero for this amazing experience. Look for more videos to come and a full feature write-up in an upcoming issue of RECOIL. Enjoy the mayhem. Watch it all right here on RECOILtv.

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