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Survival Straps – Ribbon Collection

The practical uses of having paracord as part of your every-day-carry gear are endless, and Survival Strap’s Ribbon Collection provides easy to carry options while showing your support for a cause important to you. Various colors are available, and you can choose from three different types of bracelets, a key fob and lanyard.

Survival Straps   Ribbon Collection photoSurvival Straps   Ribbon Collection photoSurvival Straps   Ribbon Collection photo

Like other Survival Strap products, the Ribbon Collection features military spec 550 test paracord.

  • Products Available: Regular Survival Bracelet, Light Duty Survival Bracelet, Wide Survival Bracelet, Key Fob, and Neck ID Lanyard
  • Ribbon Colors: Pink, Neon Yellow, Black, Colonial Blue, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Orange, Silver, Bright Purple, Bright Red, Teal, Charcoal Grey, White and Autism.


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