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The 5.11 XPRT Uniform Line

5.11 recently released an entire new military uniform line called the XPRT series and we got our hot little hands on it during Warrior Expo West put on by ADS Inc.

The 5.11 XPRT uniform consists of three parts: Trousers, a Combat Shirt, and a Blouse, all of which are manufactured from NYCO fabric. NYCO is a specialized Cordura ripstop with a “No melt/no drip” fire rating.

Let’s start off by looking at the trousers.
Of course there are a ton of pockets. 16 pockets. Something that we really liked was that instead of buttons or zippers, 5.11 opted to use magnetic closures with the XPRT tactical pants. Even with the ankle “dip can” pocket.

There are areas for stretch and ventilation below the beltline and crotch. There’s also extra padding on the inside of the beltline.

The XPRT pants can be used with internal knee pads and there are pathways cut for external pads if one opts for those instead. There’s also a kelvar-line gusseted crotch.

The combat shirt is called the XPRT Rapid Shirt.

The Rapid Shirt features quiet zippers, pockets for articulating elbow pads, and padded shoulders. The underside of the shoulder pads are textured to help with breathability.
511_combat_uniform09 511_combat_uniform10 511_combat_uniform11

The 5.11 XPRT Tactical shirt has 7 pockets to include dual bicep pockets, front utility chest pockets, pen pockets, and a forearm pocket. And as you guessed: stretch and ventilation.


You can read more about the 5.11 XPRT uniforms on their webpage here. Though stay tuned, because there are some interesting things to come in their Fall 2017 line

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