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12 Days of Christmas 2020: Day 16 – Maxim Defense PDX Giveaway


RECOIL 12 Days of Christmas 2020 – Day 16 Maxim Defense PDX Giveaway

28 responses to “12 Days of Christmas 2020: Day 16 – Maxim Defense PDX Giveaway”

  1. Jacob Bain says:

    I have always wanted one of these ! Such a cool little rifle !

  2. Tim Glander says:


  3. Gordon Anderson says:


  4. Jim Willoughby says:

    Hey don’t threaten me with a good time I’m ready for that that’ll be a lot of fun 🎄

  5. Nicole says:

    This is a cool page, the only thing it’s missing is boobs. …lol

  6. Lex Worthy says:

    I shot a friend’s. Amazing weapon!!

  7. James Richardson says:

    I’ve been so nice this year!

  8. Scott Riley says:

    The PERFECT EDC backpack gun! Good luck to everyone who has entered.

  9. Douglas R Marks says:

    Way cool

  10. ersel diles says:

    The perfect way to make a bad year better. Happy Holidays to everyone

  11. Steve Williamson says:

    Cool gun

  12. Dr. Edgar Carmenatty says:

    One more.

  13. Sergio lopez says:

    I don’t mind get one

  14. charles says:

    very nice very nice

  15. Eric says:

    Excited this is my first drawing to win a fire arm.

  16. Allen Kennepohl says:

    Gimme, gimme.

  17. RHYS Fennell says:

    Ship fast

  18. Lee Schnettler says:

    Damn sure would like to have.

  19. Kyle Martin says:


  20. James Neibecker says:

    this would be great to have, and from the way it looks everyone would want one,

  21. Tam paliotti says:

    Great information I learn a lot

  22. Terry Golden says:

    Hope I win

  23. Arthur says:

    Awesome truck gun

  24. Conrad Quinn says:

    Looks awesome good luck everyone

  25. Andrew Goodman says:

    Soooo?? Who won???

  26. Jason says:

    Who won?

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