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3 minutes of your 3 day weekend

As we roll into what for many will be a 3-day weekend, I'm conflicted. I want to write something about honoring our veterans but I don't want to spew platitudes or seem melodramatic. I want to mention how effective and productive many veterans  are, what a force multiplier they are to our society. Veterans are policemen, firemen, nurses, teachers, parents and mentors. Some are “Joe/Jane Sixpack” everymen who did their time and returned to their lives without fanfare. Veterans are “vetrepreneurs” who run successful businesses here an abroad; but they are also homeless in vast numbers and are killing themselves at the rate of 20 or more per day. How do I mention one without slighting or marginalizing the others?

The answer is, I'm not sure. So, let me say this; sometime this weekend, take a moment to acknowledge the veterans in your life. That could be a simple expression of gratitude (a thank you and a handshake, or a beer, or a hug). It could be an expression of support in the form of supporting their business. It could be a donation to a homeless shelter, or a simple gesture of kindness to someone who could use a hand getting back up.

Whichever one you choose, make the effort. Hell, make all three, but if you're only going to do one I'd ask that it be the last one in that list. It's easy to post a message on Facebook or send a tweet, but it takes a little more effort to buy someone a meal or support a shelter or foundation. You've got a long weekend ahead of you, please find a few minutes to do so.

Meantime, start out by taking 3 minutes to watch this video.

Honor all who served


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