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5.11 Tactical and JP Enterprises present: the “Always Be Ready Edition” rifles

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5.11 Tactical has been doing a lot of collaboration lately. We've seen them working with Sig Sauer, Strider Knives and a few others. Now comes word they've teamed up with JP Rifles to release a branded series of Always Be Ready edition long guns.

The intent of the branded weapons was, according to the design team, to reflect 5.11's avowed mission of “…creating purpose built gear for the most demanding missions.”

“Selecting a rifle manufacturer that also embodied that mission and ethos was easy,” says 5.11 rifle design team leader Chandler Garrett. “JP Enterprises makes some of the highest quality rifles on the market; as importantly, they have a deep rooted appreciation for serving those who serve others – just as 5.11 does.”

The 5.11 Tactical design team members included a former SWAT officer and a former USMC Reconnaissance/Scout Sniper Marine. They worked closely with John Paul of JP of JP Enterprises to develop three configurations of rifle, intended to meet three different missions.

5.11 Tactical Always Be Ready Rifles - JP15

The first rifle in the 5.11 Always Be Ready series is described as a “high performance, duty focused JP Enterprises JP-15, intended to be a general purpose uniformed patrol or entry rifle chambered in .223.” The second is a competition-ready configuration. Based on the JP Enterprises SCR-11 precision rifle chambered in .223 or .300 Blackout, it features a side-charging system [note: unknown at the time of this writing if it is reciprocating], thermal dissipator in 5.11 Scope Orange and 5.11's motto Always Be Ready laser-etched on the upper receiver. Note that this SCR-11 will also be available in a “Pro Package” upgrade that contains an additional receiver chambered in whatever caliber is opposite that of the rifle's chamber, i.e. with the Pro Package you'll get both the .223 and .300BLK. so the shooter can employ both calibers by changing out the upper receiver.

5.11 Tactical Always Be Ready Rifles - 15.11 Tactical Always Be Ready Rifles - 2

‘The JP Thermal Dissipator™ attaches to any new generation JP barrel between the gas block and receiver resulting in a 700% increase in surface area under the hand guard. Tests show that most heat resulting from sustained fire is developed in a 2- to 3-inch area in front of the chamber causing throat erosion and reduced accuracy over time, not to mention the problem of heat buildup in the hand guard itself that makes handling of the rifle difficult or impossible.'                                                                                                                                                                                    JP Enterprises

Finally, the third Always Be Ready rifle will be built on the JP Enterprises LRP-07. The LRP-07 is chambered in .308 Win – it was designed to cure the shortcomings of existing .308 rifles and still handle like an AR-15, something it seems to have done with notable success. The Always Be Ready LRP-07 will also feature the left side charging system and will employ the proprietary JP Low Mass Operating System (LMOS™). The LMOS™ is a feature intended to drastically reduce felt recoil.

The LMOS™ offers the most significant improvement in the felt impulse of the rifle as compared to any modification other than the addition of a compensator. The complete system consists of our low mass bolt carrier and lightweight buffer conversion kit. By reducing the reciprocating mass, the overall impulse as felt by the shooter is further reduced, and bolt velocity is increased without significantly affecting reliability. JP LMOS™ equipped rifles have virtually no reciprocating mass feel.                                         JP Enterprises

All 3 rifles will be Duracoated in the ubiquitous new 5.11 Tactical Storm Grey color, designed to match uniforms of that hue and to better blend into an urban environment. Color should be, according to 5.11 Tactical president Francisco Morales, “…seen as a tactical tool that’s just as vital as any training or performance equipment.”

The new rifles will be on display at 5.11 Tactical, Booth number 13162, if you are attending the NSSF SHOT Show 2014. RECOILweb will provide more information when it's available, and provide a range-time review if the readership is interested in watching us abuse one.

5.11 Tactical Always Be Ready Rifles - 3

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