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Bullet Points: 5 Must-Have Full Auto Uzi Accessories

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Hands down, our favorite personally owned firearm is an Israeli Uzi SMG. Some decry it as heavy, outdated or (in the case of the semiautomatic carbine variant) completely useless and impractical. Apparently they didn't see The Wild Geese when they were young and impressionable. Maybe they didn't watch Secret Service during the assassination attempt on President Reagan before we had a 24-hour news cycle.

Well, we did.



Some Uzis Will Get You Laid — But Not All of Them

Uzis are cool, but not all of them. Gentleman, a semi-auto 16 in. Model A or Model B carbine is not going to drop any panties. Nor will it's clones by Century or Norinco. Hell, that fugly thumbhole Planet of the Apes type stock might even get you kicked out of the house. Vectors are hideous too. Ladies, if one of those has been your choice, we'll respect that, but don't expect us to applaud.

The fact is, if the Uzi you own is any one of those, there will likely be just one item off this list.

Sorry about that. We owned a Model B for many years and of all the pieces in our collection, that was the one that received the least amount of attention.


The reason is that most of these accessories are designed for use with the original 10 in. barrel found on the SMG. There is only one item on this list that is full auto specific. You're mostly going to benefit from this list if you have one as an SBR or a full size pistol.

We'll begin with a nod to the obvious — every Uzi needs the IMI brass cleaning rods, mag loaders, spare mags, canvas sling and spare parts kit in case something breaks.

Now the things you shouldn't live without.

5 Must-Have Full Auto Uzi Accessories

1. Bayonet

Probably the only thing cooler than a real Uzi is a bayonet hanging off the lug. You can of course do the politically correct (and definitely more prudent) thing, and attach a Picatinny rail section to the bayonet lug so you can mount a light. However, bayonets seem to give anti-gun political types an aneurysm. So if mounting a bayonet to your full auto Uzi would give some anti-Second Amendment blatteroon a stroke before the elections, we say go for it.


As an actual bayonet intended for social work you'd be better off attaching it to the wood stock variant, but we always felt “wood stock” was for hippies.

Uzi fixed bayonet

2. DeSantis shoulder holster.

Nothing screams cooler than the other side of the pillow than rocking an Uzi in a leather shoulder holster, and when the Secret service had the need for such a rig they went to the Gunhide Guru, himself: Gene DeSantis.


The Uzi is held in place by a leather strap that wraps around the rear of the receiver and a separate belt holster supports the barrel. Secret Service Agents often wore these under their suit jackets and were ready to respond in seconds to an attack on the POTUS.


You get extra points for sporting one of these if go with the 70's-80's ‘stache (which was, back in the day, the same thing as the “operator beard” is now).

This rig is so badass Chuck Norris used it to rock not just one but two Micro Uzis in Invasion USA.


DeSantis now offers the holster in nylon. That may be more practical for the modern day tactical types, but there's just something special about the original.

3. AKases Viola case.

This accessory can be used with either the short barreled Uzi or the full size version. In fact AKases manufactures the same case for a number of different firearms, including AKs, PPSH-41s, FN PS90, and of course the weapon that was the original inspiration for the case: the “Chicago Typewriter”, aka Thompson Submachine Gun.


Our case holds our Uzi, suppressor, a number of magazines and a loading tool.

bowers2 011

4. Silencer.

You have a few options here. Many Uzis ship with used circa 1970s to 1980s era cans, but if you are going to spring for one, we highly recommend you go with either Bowers (VERS9 or VERS9S) or Gemtech (Mossad or MK9K).

Uzi SMG + Bowers VERS9 makes for a happy day at the range!

Uzi SMG + Bowers VERS9 makes for a happy day at the range!

Last year we tried a few out thanks to Silencer Shop and are still trying to make up our minds on which one to buy. They are all that good.


If you browse the site there are certainly others and Silencer Shop lists them under the “Handgun” section. Check out the full auto rated pistol cans and see if there is an available adapter, particularly if you are a frugal silencer buyer and want to share your can between other hosts. Thompson Machine makes a 12 in. Uzi can, but we have yet to try it.

5. Full auto rim fire barrel and bolt.

If you run full auto you need this kit. If you are stuck with a semi and want to try rim fire, we advise buying an Uzi chambered in 22lr. They are often cheaper than the lackluster semi conversion, and typically more reliable. There are several full auto kits on the “used” market most commonly made by Vector and Group Industries. Ours is made by Subgun Ordnance of Racine, Wisconsin and uses Black Dog Machine Magazines. Extra extractors are available from Bowers Group.

Dropping the open bolt rim fire kit into your registered machine gun doubles the rate of fire, burns through ammunition and is perhaps the greatest fun you can have with your clothes on. We like Subgun Ordnance's kit because it comes with a threaded barrel so we can run a GemTech Outback II or Underground Tactical Little Puff on it.

Of course if you can find an original IMI kit, that's a bit more special.

Other caliber conversions can be had in 41AE (plenty of fun there) and 45 ACP.

So…is there a cool piece of Full-auto Uzi goodness we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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