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Daniel Defense H9 “Upgrade” Program For Keyholding Barrels

Daniel Defense H9 “Upgrade” Program For Keyholding Barrels

Daniel Defense announced an update for the reported keyholing issue that the new Daniel H9 has been having. New barrel upgrade program coming soon!

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DD-214 Coffee [Veteran Vices]

From charitable acts to damn good coffee, DD-214 is in the thick of it. Dark roast, mild roast, or a cup of decaff, this veteran’s coffee has you covered

[First Look] CANiK TTI Combat

NEW from CANiK comes the TTI Combat! Designed by Taran Butler of Taran Tactical, this CANiK has a ton of features and a shocking price.

CANCON Arizona 2024 Preview

CANCON Arizona 2024 is just around the corner! Here is just a taste of what you’ll experience. Read about the all-new Run-N-Gun!

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Drills: Out of Order

Another drill for you to test your skills on. Improve your shooting and reloading with the Out Of Order!

[NEW] Staccato Ammo Subscriptions

NEW from Staccato comes a way to get all the 9mm ammo you need at a locked-in price. From boxes to cases, Staccato’s new ammo has you covered.