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A Few Cool Hunting Products from SHOT Show 2020

With all of the cool new pistols, ammo, and gear at SHOT Show, sometimes the hunting products get lost in the sauce. While roaming the floors of the show, here are a few cool products that caught my eye this year…


This product was probably my favorite discovery, and if you love waterfowl hunting, you should seriously consider adding a couple of these to your gear lineup. With the Pinteal Wire Harness System and the Pinteal smartphone app, you can easily and conveniently control your spinning wing decoys. This system appears to be relatively easy to install, and can be integrated with any brand of decoy. With the ability to control multiple decoys at once along with an intermittent timer and speed control, the Pinteal system allows you to truly customize your spread. There are four different harness types, and all are priced at $64.99, while the app is free to download. For more information, check out


Last year at SHOT Show, FOXPRO released their seriously badass predator call, the XWAVE. This year, they released a pretty cool backpack designed to carry the XWAVE. This backpack has all of the compartments you need to carry your call and remote while keeping your hands free to easily carry your rifle.

When you get ready to set up, all you have to do is take the backpack off and sit it on the ground. With two end zippers that allow you to reveal the speakers, you don't even have to take the system out of the backpack. You can simply set it down, set up, and start stackin' bodies. At the time of the show, no other information was available about this product.

HEVI- Shot

If getting after the gobblers is your thing, HEVI-Shot's new HEVI-18 TSS Turkey shells might be worth looking at. These tungsten pellets are ultra dense and when held side by side against #4 Steel the weight difference is remarkable. These shells are available for 12 and 20 gauge as well as .410 bore shotguns. For more detailed specs, visit


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