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A look at Tactical Tailor’s 2-Point Padded Sling

Tactical Tailor's 2-point padded sling is not the same as taking one of the old M60 slings and throwing it on your rifle (as one badly informed interwebz pundit claimed). Rather it is a modern take on the proven, traditional 2-point sling design, one that uses contemporary materials to make a better, more rugged design. They've built it of a proprietary bungee type material that keeps it close to the body while allowing movement during transitions or changing shooting positions, etc.

I will get some video and additional images during our next workup (we'll see how it holds up to abuse while we're shooting). In the meantime, check out the following video. It goes over all 2-point Padded Sling features (in a “clinical” setting, not on the range).

Tactical Tailor slings are all here. The 2-Point Padded Sling is here. It retails for $32.50 (though I think they're still running a Christmas sale so you can get it for less).

Featured image by Jody Lewis of Crossfire Photography.

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