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New tribarrel 12-Gauge from The Pathfinder School

What's better than two barrels on a shotgun? Well, three of course. This tribarrel 12-gauge from The Pathfinder School may be just the thing for that special someone who's looking for something between a double-barrel coachgun and that four-barrel monstrosity from Big Bad John (remember Sheriff Cletus Morgan?).

Apparently it weighs in at about 8lbs and there is just one trigger, which will fire each barrel in sequence. Says Dave “Pathfinder” Canterbury, “You can shoot 3 rounds from this faster than you can pump a single round into the chamber. I gave away my 870, still got an 1897 [sic] and live it but this thing has better follow up than any pump will ever have.”

Triple Threat Pathfinder Edition 12-gauge shotgun - 2Remember you can also use his 12A to 9mm rifled adapters to save money at the range. I won't argue the practicality of the weapon. That would really depend on your particular flavor of pragmatism, what you do and where you live. I will say this – if I had one, I would shamelessly enjoy it on the range and I'd take it hunting for no more reason than I could.

Somewhere “Shotgun Joe” Joe Biden (VPOTUS, renowned ballistician and firearms scholar par excellence) is doing cartwheels.

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