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Act Quickly for Warrior Culture Gear’s “American Patriot” Special Edition

Warrior Culture Gear, a unique apparel company that offering (as the name implies) shirts based on warrior cultures and their respective ethos, is currently taking orders for their Special Edition ‘American Patriot' shirt. Orders will be taken only until noon today (meaning you are running out of time while you are reading this). They advise the design will be archived afterward and will no longer be available. Sorry for the short notice.

There are two versions of the shirt available. One with the American Flag on the sleeve, one with the Gadsden Flag on the sleeve. Each of the two versions is then also available in pale red and heather grey.

Other Warrior Culture Gear designs include the Native American Warrior design and the Celtic Warrior design. There are many more in their catalog.

Warrior Culture Gear is veteran owned and operated (the designer served with 3-319/Gun Devils of the 82nd Airborne Division). You can read how he defines a warrior and his thoughts on the warrior culture here.


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