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Aimpoint ACRO Updates & The Comp M5B

Last year we named the Aimpoint ACRO P-1 is one of our must-have products of the show, this year the Aimpoint ACRO updates brought some in-line changes to the dot that should address some customer feedback.

While the battery life isn't as big of an issue as many have made it out to be, we would have loved to see some solution to allow the ACRO to accept a larger battery. Aimpoint has spoiled us with battery life measured in years on many of their other models and consumers seem to expect the same level of performance. That said, Aimpoint has addressed the battery life complaints by giving a deeper explanation of how the LED consumes power. Consumers may incorrectly assume that the dot uses 10% of the max power draw on setting one, 20% on setting two, 30% on three and so on. Aimpoint has clarified that as the intensity level of the red dot increases, the power consumption of the LED increases in an exponential fashion.

We wish we could be more technical, but none of us are electrical engineers and only understand the limitations of the battery size in the most basic sense. Smaller battery = smaller bucket to hold the lightning, bigger battery = bigger bucket to hold more lightning.

While the ACRO updates were small, they do make a lot of sense after spending quite some time behind one of the very early ACROs. The most meaningful update that we spotted was the revised elevation and windage adjustments that now actually gave you clicks rather than some muddy, vague bit of resistance on the original that feels like it was intended to be a click … possibly. The more positive clicks will undoubtedly make zeroing easier rather than guessing if that was a click you felt or if you were imagining it.

Another small, yet much-appreciated change is the new replaceable sacrificial window. If you recall Aaron Cowan's video review of the ACRO, he broke the sacrificial glass during one of the drop tests but the dot continued to function. We were told by an Aimpoint engineer that the dot got a new sacrificial window as a part of the ACRO updates that can be replaced by removing the two screws in the front of the optic, removing the framed piece of glass, and replacing it with a fresh one. Currently only the factory can perform the service, but the Aimpoint engineer indicated that they were working on a way to make the window a user-serviceable part.

Check RECOIL Web soon for a review of the first-gen Aimpoint ACRO, it should be out in a few weeks.

Aimpoint Comp M5B

Also on display was the new Aimpoint M5B, the new variant of their latest long gun sight. In addition to moving the battery compartment lower, Aimpoint also gave the Comp M5B the ability to adjust windage or elevation on the fly with replaceable turrets.

The Comp M5B still is a 2 MOA red dot, no BDC reticle here.

Both the windage and elevation knobs are held in place with spring loaded detents that also provide the clicky when you change the settings.

Aimpoint also indicated that there will be several cap options for the Comp M5B to mate up with different calibers. They were unable to provide a list of what calibers will be offered but stated that they are expected to have a fitment for the major calibers.

They also said that if a particular agency or other large purchasers of the Comp M5B desired custom caps, that is a possibility. They were rather clear in specifying that the custom caps would not be something on the table for general consumers in the near future.

Since we are talking about cool stuff at Aimpoint, they had some pretty rad Aimpoint branded rubber ducks to display their wares on. We want one for no particular reason beyond it is fucking cool.

You can learn more about the Aimpoint ACRO and Comp M5B on the Aimpoint website. As for information on the Aimpoint branded rubber duck, you are on your own.

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