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Alien Pistol From Laugo Arms in 9mm Teased

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The designers of the Scorpion Evo 3 have teased a new pistol on their Facebook page. The Alien pistol from Laugo Arms appears to be an interesting design and based on the little information that we were able to collect from them it sounds like it may be like nothing we've seen before.

The new pistol was teased with the promo below initially but quickly followed by several more photos of the interesting pistol.


There was no indication of a US Distributor in any of the comments but Laugo Arms did state that they are aiming for the US Market in 2019.

Looking at the pistol in the below photo it isn't very apparent what makes the gun so interesting at first glance. The strange pin below the front sight hints that it might not be like all of the other pistols.

That pin is one of the attachment points of the sight rail. The Alien has an interchangeable sight rail that allows the shooter to swap between a red dot sight and iron sights.


The pistol is chambered in 9mm according to Laugo Arms and is gas operated like the Heckler & Koch P7 with a fixed barrel. The barrel is placed in an interesting spot and appears to have the bore placed in line with the wrist of the shooter much like the Mateba revolvers or the Chiappa Rhino.

Alien Pistol

The stainless Alien below not only gives you a great view of how dang low the bore is on the gun but it also indicates that the pistol might be constructed of more than one material like the Sphinx SDP. Currently, my theory is that the grip frame and the sight rail are aluminum and the frame is steel.


Laugo Arms says that the Alien pistol will be fed from proprietary 17 round magazines instead of readily available CZ-75 mags. The information that the pistol will take 17 rounders and looks to have an extended baseplate suggests that the pistol's grip will be rather slim.

Laugo Alien Pistol

Pro shooter Hwansik Kim of team Walther got a chance to shoot the new Alien pistol and seems to approve.


There was a short video clip of Hwansik Kim shooting the pistol and it appears to be very flat shooting.

We have reached out to Laugo Arms for more information about the pistol but have yet to receive anything beyond what is in the Facebook posts and the comments there. Hopefully, we get more details about this super interesting blaster soon.

Check out Laugo Arms on their Facebook page to follow the news about the Alien pistol. Unfortunately, it appears that their website is down for maintenance but you can find it Laugo Arms' website HERE.

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