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An Update on the EDC-Duo from Multitasker Tools

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Multitasker Tools has a new multitool in the works. It's called the EDC-Duo. During Blade Show, Multitasker's chief designer was kind enough to make some time for me. He mentioned they were hoping to have the new tool available for commercial purchase by Fall. However, I spoke to him again early this afternoon (very briefly, as it was 04h00 where he was) and unfortunately that may no longer be the case. He advises he is just not comfortable promising availability by then. They are performing additional prototyping and testing due to the tool's precise tolerances and complicated design.

For those of you unfamiliar with the designer behind Multitasker Tools, he is an obsessive perfectionist. This tendency is made manifest in  the quality of what he builds. However, it's a tendency that sometimes frustrates people impatient to buy the next iteration of his tools.

The picture below is the first prototype of the EDC-Duo. If the tool appears to be two tools, that's because it is (in a way). The EDC-Duo is designed to be a multi-tool for Every Day Carry that can be parted from its knife blade. Note that the EDC-Duo is designed specifically as an EDC tool, which you may find either obvious or counter-intuitive depending on your familiarity with other Multitasker Tools. Remember that previous ‘Tasker multitools were designed specifically (and unashamedly) AR-maintenance specific.

It's an ingenious and well thought out design, featuring a ratcheting magnetic bit driver system in the side of one handle (it will accept standard 1/4″ hex bits) and a detachable Ti-framelock folding knife (seen separated from the tool above). Don't want the knife part, just the tool? They will offer a replacement scale to take its place. The EDC-Duo will be shipped with 10 bits as part of a kit, but there are spaces to hold two on the tool itself in a hinged arm opposite the knife side. There are billet pliers with a center gripping section unlike that of the Multitaskers (gripping teeth necessarily reduce the thickness of the pliers and he wanted the AR tools to be as robust as possible) and an internal pair of scissors. Ultimately they may make a compact extension bar available as well.

The knife is actually the designer's favorite part of the EDC-Duo. I'm sure this is in no small part due to the difficulty involved in constructing a detachable knife that won't randomly come apart in your pocket, but isn't so battened down it requires three hands and an Act of Congress to deploy it. He plans on licensing a lockbar stabilizer from Hinderer Knives for the knife.

The orientation of the first prototype was accidentally designed for left handed users, but that has turned into an ongoing development discussion with prospective end users about orientation.

“This first one is set up as a lefty,” he advises. “it's a mistake I made with the Gen I Multitasker. It's already fixed in the next prototype, but I've been asking people's opinion about orientation before I make a final change.”

The “lefty” orientation really only creates an issue if the knife is being carried by itself. As it is currently built, you will be able to deploy the knife blade with your right hand while it is still attached to the tool handle. However, this would require the clip be placed on the opposite side. This in turn would force a left-handed build and left-handed carry of the knife. If you flip the overall tool to a “righty” orientation, then the knife would be left-handed opening while still coupled to the tool. Clear as mud? You can join the ongoing discussion here.

For more on Multitasker tools, follow them on Facebook or Instagram (@multitaskertools). If you are consider buying one, these are the places currently carrying Multitasker Tools. You cannot buy one from the ‘Tasker website. (online store)

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