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And yet more awesome from SilencerCo

They must be working their folks to death there in Utah (though if the video you'll see below qualifies as work, we'll take it, and some overtime too). There's even more awesome coming. They have a whole merchandise line now available, in addition to 208gr ammo, their Emerson collab knife (details below) and P226 barrels.


SilencerCo-Emerson Knife2

There was so much going on that at its conclusion they decided to have a nice, quiet gathering (the kind with suppressed guns, Molotov cocktails and bonfires) to celebrate.

Says SilencerCo,

“When we were thinking of ways to launch our new line of merchandise, a few interesting ideas came to mind. Namely: vintage cars, Molotov cocktails, motorcycles, and guns . . . in the desert. So we threw a party with our closest band of misfits. Go big or go home.”

Get the gear here.





Here's some more on the A-100 Mini, which is described as a “..pocket knife so elegant and utilitarian, it has become the standard against which other folding knives are measured.”

SilencerCo-Emerson Knife1

As you can see, the folder will feature SilencerCo branding on the blade as well as the clip, the linker lock knife has a spear point and plain edge with titanium frame and liner and a black finish.


OAL: 7.20”

Blade Length: 3.00”

Blade Thickness: 0.125”

Blade Material: 154CM

Knife Type: Manual

Opener: Thumb Disk

SilencerCo-Emerson Knife3

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