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Any Pack a Gun Pack: 5.11 Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve

Carrying a long arm across the backcountry is something we've done ever since we've had long arms; from hunters to French Carabiniers to American grunts in Afghanistan. And while yes, a sling can be used if you need quick access, it's not always the most comfortable way to carry. Having your hands free to climb, use trekking poles, or negotiating obstacles is often preferred. Various sheaths and sleeves have been released over the years, and even some dedicated backpacks. Today we're going to look at an option from 5.11: The Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve.

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No instruction manual needed here. The padded wrap offers some protection for your glass and the adjustable clips inside keep everything secure. Depending on what rifle/mag combo you're using, you might be able to keep a magazine inserted and ready to go. Sure, a basic hunting rifle or shotgun is going to be easier than an AR, but we had little issue securing a 7.62N AR w/ a 20 rounder in there. Your AK with a 40 round mag? Not happening.

The ventilated, adjustable muzzle trap allows you to carry everything from stubby rifles to their bigassed brethren. You are limited to only carrying muzzle down with the Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve, however.

We're certain that 5.11 would prefer that you use their rifle sleeve with one of their packs, but you're definitely not limited to them. If you're a hunter or backpacker, no doubt you have a number of packs for different occasions. The PALS webbing on the back of the Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve makes mounting a longarm on the back or side of a military pack a snap. Civilian packs can be a little more trouble, but as the old saying goes: where there's zip ties and 550 cord, there's a way.

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Expect to see more rifle carriage options from us in the near future. In the meantime, you can hitup 5.11 here.

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