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Apex Launches Barrels for Compact S&W M2.0

Written by Jacki Billings

While you’re trading out the trigger on the Smith & Wesson M2.0 Compact, you might as well drop in a new barrel — at least that’s what Apex suggests; recently they introduced the Apex Grade Barrel designed for the M2.0 in 9mm.

Launching both the Gunsmith Fit and Semi Drop-in models for the M2.0 Compact, Apex says the barrels boost accuracy and can deliver sub one-inch groups at 25 yards.


The first of the M2.0 Compact barrel offerings, the Gunsmith, serves as a direct replacement of the M2.0’s factory barrel. Delivering a 4-inch stainless steel barrel design with 1:10 twist rate, the Gunsmith is not a drop-in, instead requiring a gunsmith to properly fit the barrel to the M2.0 Compact. Apex says the barrel is capable of 1-inch groups at 25 yards using a mechanical rest; though it’s worth noting, the Gunsmith is not magic and thus individual performance will vary depending on actual skill.


The Semi Drop-in also features a stainless steel 4-inch design with 1:10 twist rate. Unlike the Gunsmith model, the Semi Drop-in doesn’t require service by your friendly neighborhood gunsmith. Instead, due to tolerance variations in the slide, Apex says the barrel may drop-in without alteration. Then again, maybe not. According to the company, in some cases barrel insertion might require minor fitting to achieve a proper fit. In short, it’s a coin toss.

For optimal performance, Apex suggests shooters stick with bullet weights between 115-147 grains with jacketed ammo. MSRP on both barrels is $119.

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