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Apex Tactical CZ P-10C Advanced Trigger Kit First Look

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Apex Tactical has for years been a reliable choice for individuals who want aftermarket triggers in their handguns, starting with the Smith & Wesson M&P series in the early 2010’s. Since then, they have engineered and released quality triggers for most well-known striker-fired handguns in the industry, and their expansion continues. The CZ-P10c and P10f were both praised at their release for quality triggers and ergonomics. This didn’t stop Apex from improving on an already great platform. Thus, the CZ-P10c/P10f Action Enhancement Kit.

The factory trigger in the P10c/P10f is advertised a having a 4.5/5lb. pull, but as some users found this range could be between 4.5-6.0lbs. The Apex Action Enhancement Kit can be set up in two distinct ways: either with Apex’s disconnector and trigger, or with Apex’s trigger and the factory disconnector. This gives the user options as far as what they desire out of their trigger on their CZ-P10c/P10f.

Apex Triggers CZ P10C advanced trigger kit

Installing the trigger and the slide cover plate included in the Action Enhancement Kit will result in a sub-4.0-pound trigger with a smooth constant travel until the trigger breaks without a heavy wall to pull through. This is ideal for competition and recreational shooting. The second option is installing Apex’s trigger, included the slide cover plate and the CZ factory disconnector. This will result in a 5.5lb. trigger pull with a much more definitive wall to pull through but has a clean crisp break: ideal for concealment and duty use. Regardless of which option is used, the trigger kit was designed to withstand drop testing from nearly every conservable angle, and even at adverse temperatures.

We installed the Action Enhancement Kit and found it to be a great upgrade option for anyone with either the CZp10c or P10f models.  The aluminum “Action Enhanced” trigger is flat and feels great to shoot. The trigger safety (the articulating bar on the face of the trigger) on most factory triggers protrudes even with the trigger is depressed, whereas the Apex trigger sits flush when depressed. This alone makes shooting with the Action Enhancement Kit more pleasurable than the factory trigger.

Apex Triggers CZ P10C advanced trigger kit

We opted to set up a P10c with both trigger options to experience the smoothness and rolling like trigger using all Apex parts, and then set it up again with the CZ factory disconnector to experience both pull weights. Both were a definite improvement and we were hard-pressed to choose which one we preferred. While shooting this handgun recreationally, the smoother lighter trigger is certainly what we would recommend, but the heavier, crisper trigger that the factory disconnector provides would be our choice for carrying this gun on a daily basis.

Like all of Apex’s products before, instructional installation videos are available on their website.

Alongside the Action Enhancement Kit, Apex is launching an extended magazine release, and a larger slide release. The CZ-P10c/P10f kits will be up for pre-orders on August 9th 2021 and should be available for regular sale later in the month of August. 

Apex Tactical CZ P10C Action Enhancement Kit
Fits: CZ P-10C, P-10F, and P-10S models in 9mm only.
MSRP: $105

Apex Tactical Enhanced Slide Release
Fits: CZ P-10C, P-10F, and P-10S models in 9mm only.
MSRP: $80

Apex Tactical Extended Mag Release
Fits: Only Models with non-ambidextrous magazine releases, except the P-10 in .45 Auto.
MSRP: $50

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