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Appendix Carry – You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid

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The NRA's Shooting Illustrated released an article by Caleb Giddings yesterday on the subject of AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waist Band) carry, more commonly referred to as just ‘appendix carry' or ‘appendix.' While there is nothing new or groundbreaking in his presentation, it is a good presentation, which means it's worth reading. No matter how many people know something, it's always new to someone — and this is an oft-debated topic in any case, particularly with regard to what might happen if you have an ND (Negligent Discharge) while your muzzle is pointed at your junk…though that's not by any means the problem some people make it out to be.

Appendix Carry – You'll Shoot Your Eye (or Something) Out Kid

“One should never rely solely on mechanical safeties. The best way to stay safe while carrying AIWB is a combination of gear and training. Todd Green, one of the most vocal advocates for AIWB, advocated for two specific actions when holstering at the AIWB position. The first was a ‘hard break.' This means after shooting, bring the gun back to a retention position, and then intentionally ‘break' your mindset out of shooting mode and put it into ‘holster' mode. The idea is to make holstering an intentional act that you perform with the same care as when firing the gun. The second concerns leaning back a little bit as you holster, ‘looking' the gun into the holster and then pushing your hips forward. By doing this, you change the angle of where the muzzle is pointing during the process, and if done correctly, the gun will not be pointing at the femoral artery or, in the case of males, your genitals.”

Although his drawstroke is different than many, the fundamental accuracy of his explanation is unchanged. His reasoning is sound and the advice he gives is good. If you're still up in the air about AIWB, or if you're looking for a different perspective on how to explain its advantages and disadvantages to someone, take a few minutes to read this article.

“The most important part of successfully carrying at the appendix position is holster selection. I personally went through five different holsters before I finally found the one that was the right choice for my body, gun and carry position. You may very well have to try quite a few holsters—and you might have to re-think your choice of firearm—but when you get it right, the results are worth it.

“If you’re thinking about trying to go armed using appendix carry, remember to take it slow. As we’ve established, there are huge advantages to the method. But, don’t just jump in the deep end. Try several holsters. Practice carrying around the house with a blue gun or an unloaded pistol to get a feel for it. Learn how to holster safely at the appendix position. Be prepared to buy quite a few holsters. Once you’ve done that, start training via dry-fire and on the range. Then you’ll really start to see the benefits of what is quite likely the world’s oldest carry position.”

Read the article in its entirety right here.

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