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AR 15 Sling: Two Point, Single Point Sling, or Pointless?

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As part of one's gear, AR 15 sling selection and setup are often depicted as highly personal. A hallmark of modern firearms, even to the level of humor, the modularity of our equipment allows the user to fit it to their body, mission, or in some disastrous outcomes: bad taste. How a sling attaches to the firearm, color/pattern, and job application contribute to the decision process, and we have included a list of slings that currently stand out, some for their simplicity, others for special features.

Nature vs Nurture

Like many phrases that have bled out of the military, the term “mission dictates equipment” has been abused to the point of becoming flaccid. On the one sense, it should be common sense: bring the right tool for the job. In another, it describes the bigger picture of gear development. While tinkerers, end-users, and manufacturers have made notable improvements to the AR 15 Sling to fit their needs, as it turns out Geopolitics has a role in gear development.

Single Point Sling

When describing a sling, the point in single or two-point slings stands for the number of places they attach to the firearm. For centuries, most rifles utilized a simple but sufficient two-point sling. The concept of a single point came about with shorter carbines, submachine guns, and PDWs, often associated with the use of body armor and load-bearing vests.

B&T APC9K with Magpul Sling.
Burnproof Gear Wrapped Suppressor on a B&T APC9K, with a Magpul Sling.

A single point sling typically attaches at or near the point where the firing hand holds the firearm. The loop of the sling will sometimes be worn like a loose necktie, causing the firearm to hang directly in front of the user. More common with sub-guns and PCCs, it can be looped under one arm as well, directing the weight off to one side. In addition to this, some single point slings integrate directly into a plate carrier or chest rig.

Cox Arms AR 15 Sling

A single point sling generally fits into special roles, such as carrying a breaching shotgun, or specific modes of travel where a two-point sling would get in the way. It allows shots to be fired from both shoulders, with easy transitions, and if set up properly, the firearm will hang in the body's center line, out of the way of most equipment on the belt.

Those using suppressors must be careful when slinging a gun right after firing, as the firearm and forbidden popsicle at the end become a pendulum of potential 3rd-degree burns.

How to Properly Wear a Two-Point AR 15 Sling

How one sets up their two-point sling, and how much time they spend wearing the firearm plays a much larger role than it's given credit. In a world of quick fixes and bandaid solutions to personal deficiencies, becoming proficient in manipulating a firearm, with and without an attached sling, separates hobbyists from professionals. With all the accessories available, a properly set up two-point AR 15 sling allows the wearer to “stow” the firearm without restricting their range of motion.

AR 15 sling slung

Generally speaking, the sling follows the dominant hand, riding over the same shoulder that the firearm is fired from, and under the opposite arm. The firearm can then can be slung off-center, and at the proper tension, should remain out of the way of the magwell when reloading.

AR 15 sling GBRS Group SBS
By rotating the magazine away from the body, the sling helps trap the firearm against the shooter's body.

In situations where more mobility is desired, a two-point sling can be worn simply around the neck. Especially when wearing a plate carrier, and when engaging at the angles common in urban environments, one can then transition between shoulders.

AR 15 Sling Necktie
Around the neck, or “necktie.”

AR 15 Sling Tips

As hunters know, in both the daylight and darkness, a person's presence is often given away by sound, even before they are seen. Many slings incorporate polymer and metal components that can bang loudly against the firearm. While some attachment methods help reduce this, methods of silencing a sling include the use of rubber bands and tape. A rubber band (see Ranger Band) just behind the front mount prevents the front swivel stud from banging against the rail, and adds a dampening effect when the firearm is dropped while slung. If the sling is attached to the stock by a swivel stud, a zip-tie securing the ring to the stock accomplishes the same thing.

AR 15 Sling QD silenced

Some slings can be cut to the user's preferred length. Remember: measure twice, cut once. Most slings are made of a material where the edges can be lightly melted to prevent fraying and unraveling. When using an adjustable sling, set the non-adjusting tri-glides are as close to the weapon or mounting point as possible to maximize the range of adjustment.

AR 15 Sling on Brace

On a two-point sling, the closer the attachment points are to each other, the more the firearm will move around when slung. For those running lights and lasers, the sling should be attached last so that it doesn't get in the way of access to batteries, switches, or accidentally trigger the flashlight.

Viking Tactics Padded Sling

Colors: Black, OD Green, Foliage Green, Coyote Brown, Multicam, Blaze Orange
Mounting Gear/Options: Open-Ended/User Preference.
Weight: 6.2 ounces
MSRP: $50

Viking Tactics Padded Sling

A classic if there ever was one, the Viking Tactics padded sling needs no introduction with most veterans, cloners, and long-term purveyors of AR 15 related gear. With decades of use, the two-point sling had padding adequate for a belt-fed firearm's weight, and adjusts by pulling the loose end. With familiarization, it is easily manipulated with one hand. Since the original release, wide versions and models with integrated bungees, as well as those constructed out of hydura are now on the market.

Ferro Concepts Slingster

Colors: Multicam, Multicam Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Black, Wolf Grey
Mounting Gear/Options: Open-Ended/User Preference.
Weight: 3.2 ounces slick, 4.6 ounces with padding
MSRP: $58

Ferro Concepts Slingster

With one of the most favored pulltabs, the Ferro Slingster is a joy to run, even in the dark. The 1-inch webbing holds its form enough to be used with or without the optional padding. Without any tail to catch on gear or other equipment, the Slingster can also be turned into a single point sling with additional hardware.


Colors: Multicam, Desert Digi, (and more to come we hear).
Mounting Gear/Options: Open-Ended/User Preference.
Weight: 3.1 ounces
MSRP: $65 for Multicam, $70 for Desert Digi

GBRS Group SBS AR 15 Sling

Minimalist to its core, the Second Best Sling by GBRS Group is a two-point sling designed with wearing kit in mind. The 4-way stretch padding tapers into the attaching points without places for it to snag on other worn gear, and makes the sling comfortable to wear, with or without a plate carrier. All hardware that could be metal has been replaced with plastic, for less weight and noise. By cutting the bartacking running down the center of the pulltab, the user can turn it into a loop.

Magpul MS3 Single QD Sling GEN2

Colors: Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Black, Stealth Grey
Mounting Gear Included: Options for Para-Clips or QD Swivel Studs.
Weight: 8.1 ounces
MSRP: $58

Magpul MS3 Single QD Sling GEN2

Why choose between a single point sling and two-point sling when you can have them both? Of the slings listed, the Mapgul series of slings take on a little extra weight in order to bring all the features to the table. One section of the sling tightens and loosens via a slider that has undergone considerable improvement since the early years of adjustable slings. The other end incorporates a sort of D-ring that allows the user to transform it into a single point sling.

Arbor Arms Dual Adjust Weapon Sling

Colors: Black, Coyote Brown, OD Green
Mounting Gear/Options: Open-Ended/User Preference.
Weight: 6 ounces, 8 ounces w with optional padding.
MSRP: $60-$65

Arbor Arms Dual Adjust Weapon Sling

The proprietary Dual Adjust slider by Arbor Arms takes a bit of time to get used to, but eventually shows the versatility of each option. Initially, the whole toggle slides up and down in a similar fashion to most other adjustable dual-point slings, but underneath it, a tab hangs out which can be pulled as well to tighten, with a button that must be pressed to slacken it. This affords the user a quick slider for when they are on the move, and a more secure pull section for when they use the sling to support a shooting position or when fast-roping.

Arbor Arms Dual Adjust – Precision Rifle Sling

Colors: Black, Coyote Brown, OD Green
Mounting Gear/Options: Open-Ended/User Preference.
Weight: 9 ounces, 11 ounces with optional padding.
MSRP: $90-$110

Arbor Arms Dual Adjust - Precision Rifle Sling

For an AR 15 Sling, the overbuilt Dual Adjust Precision Rifle sling says it all in the name. With the same slider as the Arbor Arms Dual Adjust weapon sling, an additional snap buckle is sewn in works as a QD for either an arm cuff or belt mount. Specific to precision shooting techniques, each can be utilized to produce a more stable position.

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