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ATF Raids Polymer80

To those who still read the paper, this morning may have brought a bit of surprise, as the Wall Street Journal reported the headline “Ghost Gun Company Raided by Federal Agents.” The language itself indicates what the message is intended to convey: with the key words being “raid” and “ghost gun.” While the internet simultaneously laughs at the political theater around ghost guns, and sobers from remembering the problematic track record that certain federal agencies have with conducting raids, no time is lost contemplating what this move implies.

Thursday, December 10th, 2020, the ATF entered the property of Polymer80 in Nevada, seizing both documents and what we expect to be part of their inventory as evidence. If the raid doesn't raise hairs, the warrant affiliated with it does, as the build kits were to be suddenly reconsidered as serial-number-requiring firearms. By this determination, Polymer80 could face ramifications for failing to pay taxes affiliated with firearms sales, and be considered an illegal weapons manufacturer.

Polymer80 manufactures and sells individual parts and kits based on the Gen 3 Glock platform. They have brought the customization of 80% receivers to the world of handguns, selling the materials and know-how surrounding modern gun smithing. Just as the build-your-own flintlock kit isn't sold as a firearm, Polymer80 does the same thing, but with a polymer lower, striker-fired handgun.

polymer80 receiver drill

Dangerous Words

The article in the Wall Street Journal, however, should continue to draw the attention of any who may read it. As the author writes of ghost guns, they reveal that the nick name used by some people, is considered as a defining term by others. As 80% Receivers were not regulated as firearms, they were not identified as the specific target of the raid. Rather, they went after a builder's kit possessing the attributes of a firearm according to the warrant paperwork.

The relationship between a people and their government will long entertain the imaginations of philosophers and political theorists, but it takes physical form in situations like this. Challenging the authorities has been in vogue for long enough to make a mess of stories like this. The Wall Street Journal has published a statement saying that the firearms industry should expect greater scrutiny, and for many, that simply translates to regulation.

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The New Normal?

Pistol Braces and 80% receivers have both made a stir as products “approved” by the ATF. Following this, they quickly entered the market in force, finding themselves in the hands of millions of Americans. An item, which at one point was approved is suddenly not, with swift action to follow. After brief investigation, it turns out that a variation is the target, not the original and it is left further unclear what the expectations are for appropriate inquiry. This is only exacerbated when those asking for clarification receive regulation as their reward.

In the article, it is stated that the ATF considers these build kits as firearms because they believe the buyer could assemble a pistol in minutes. Polymer80 will likely make a statement about this in the near future, in the mean time, 80% receivers are still for sale.

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8 responses to “ATF Raids Polymer80”

  1. Clarence Main says:

    This is such a dirty sneaky thing I hope they get good attorneys and can beat this.

  2. Harold Kierns says:

    This will ALL come to pass:
    1) The elimination of home-built firearms, to include machining the entire gun from a block of metal.
    2) The elimination of Class 3 firearms from private citizens. This will include ‘buy-back’ programs or outright confiscation.
    3) The elimination of all semi-automatic rifles from private citizens. This will include a mandatory buy-back program.
    4) Banning & confiscation of magazines holding more than a certain number of rounds.
    5) Repeal of Constitutional Carry & open carry laws, then either re-instating restricted may issue permits or an outright ban on civilian carry.
    6) Banning the private sale of firearms, eventually leading to the end of gun shows.
    7) “Sporting Use Suitability” laws on all remaining firearms.
    8) Mandatory waiting periods, deep background checks, law enforcement/psychologist approval before purchasing a firearm, etc.
    9) Limits on not just the number of guns purchased at one time, but limits on the number of guns an individual can own.
    10) Restrictions on ammunition purchases and limits on the number of rounds an individual can own.
    11) Arbitrary “red-flag” laws with no provisions for legal/Constitutional oversight.
    12) Repeal of castle doctrine laws and greater scrutiny for self-defense incidences.
    …unless we do something about it.
    BTW, lest you all think I’m a kook, all of these are either laws already in force in certain states or proposed laws from candidates’ websites. There are some politicians who outright state their ultimate goal is the elimination of all civilian firearm ownership. I would say vote, but that, apparently, doesn’t mean anything anymore…

  3. Jim Pickens says:

    In other words Nazi Germany or Soviet Union 2.0

    • Benito M. says:

      Stop comparing the great Nazi Germany to the jo0ish monstrosity that was the Soviet Union….but yes, America has far more in common with the Soviets and looks a lot like Germany the years leading up to Hitler fixing things.

  4. Benito M. says:

    Anyone who doesn’t see the writing on the wall by now will quickly find themselves left grabbing their ankles in the voting booth. Voting will NOT remove them. Stop feeding off the carcass of the dead republic. There is NOTHING left for us here. The communists control everything from the Universities to the BATF and every stinking thing in between.

  5. Bemused Berserker says:

    I wondered when these bundles first hit the market, when the ATF would arbitrarily and capriciously change their policy. Predictably, they did just that. The ATF has been behind Commiefornia’ push to stop all parts sales. So hearing they just raided Polymer 80’s facility, doesn’t surprise me at all. Buckle up Patriots, this is just an opening salvo.

  6. An American says:

    Great job President Trump…. going after bump stocks and now 80%’s. He has harmed the 2A more than Obama did.

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