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B. E. Meyers & Company: Precision by Night

Shortly before Christmas, B.E. Meyers completed one of the most impressive catalogs we've seen. It's just gorgeous. Though most people familiar with B.E. Meyers' equipment are the men who use it to bring the hate down on enemies of our country (think IZLID and GLARE RECOIL), this may soon be changing.

Here's what we can say – there are some really neat things coming during the next year. Keep up with them by following B.E. Meyers on Facebook or by watching their YouTube Channel.

BE Meyers & Company 2

Drive Fast. Shoot First.

Given several CSWs, a blanket full of ammo, BNVDs employed, and IZLID and DIAL series lasers on target.

1. Look Cool
2. Proper Headspace and Timing
3. Nothing Left Inside the Beaten Zone

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