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B5: the Bravo Series Continues

I spoke with Mark from B5 Systems while at AUSA. They have some interesting things in the works, all part of the ongoing “Bravo Series” of weapon enhancements and accessories. Unfortunately they, like a few other companies at AUSA, weren't ready to talk about them in detail yet. Part of this is because of renewed military contract negotiations. Part of it is because SHOT is so close, and that's typically where companies release their new products. I do have a couple of images for you – I'm guessing with just a little thought you'll be able to figure out what's coming. If you aren't already familiar with the SOPMOD stock and the Enhanced SOPMOD stock, check them out. They're worth your time – as a couple of major rifle manufacturers have apparently decided.

The Bravo Series continues 2B5 Systems Bravo SOPMODB5 Systems stock in use for room service

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