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Behind the scenes at AUSA

Today is the second of the 2013 Annual Exposition and Meeting of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA). There is a lot going on – not just the many meetings, breakout sessions and seminars, but a huge exhibitor show. In the latter, virtually every type of equipment the modern Army uses, from helicopters and AFVs to rifles, barriers, software LBE, boots and UAVs. You can take a look at who is exhibiting here at the Conference Center here.

Over the next few days I’ll be running a series of stories from the conference. I’ve talked to HK about the new HK416 developments, to Benchmade about a couple of new knives and to several other companies. I’ve even spoken with people from Chrysler and John Deere. There are also representatives of many foreign militaries. So far we’ve seen military personnel from Jordan, Poland, Estonia, Germany, Australia, Russia, Brazil, France, Israel, Korea, Yemen and many others.

More on that later. Here are a few pictures from a couple of the halls of the exhibition halls.

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