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Behold: RECOILtv

Behold RECOILtv

And there was much rejoicing.

What can you expect from RECOILtv? In one single, precise word: Splendifericaleximiouslyprestantatiousness1.

Our goal is to entertain, educate, edify, enthrall, and perhaps even enlighten you. Let's face it, conventional media outlets are censoring the kind of information freedom-loving Americans have enjoyed for years. Somebody had to do something, and we reckoned that somebody ought to be us. Just as RECOIL magazine gives you no-holds-barred insight into the modern American gun lifestyle, RECOILtv will also bring you an unfettered, honest, politically incorrect (and occasionally profane) video look at things.

From testing the latest guns to giving in-depth product reviews and expert tutorials, RECOILtv will leverage the expertise you trust to bring you the content you deserve. As idealogues, social justice warriors, and handwringing lefties slowly censor your online information, RECOIL will give you the scoop.

We will begin with 10 channels: Ballistics, DIY, Full Auto Friday, Gun Room, Mail Call, Road Trips, SHTF/OFFGRID, Sponsored Showcase, Training Tuneups, and Transport.


— RECOILtv is Brought to You By: SIG SAUER

RECOILtv: Ballistics

You'll see at least one monthly episode of Ballistics. In these episodes we'll showcase ballistic testing and look at ammunition performance, from how new rounds react to ballistic gelatin to what they'll do to intermediate barriers. Tune in to get your learn on.
— Ballistics is Presented to You By: Freedom Munitions

RECOILtv: DIY (Do It Yourself)

In these episodes we're going to teach you to do it yourself; to make modifications, to perform upgrades, to get it done the right way without looking for outside help.

RECOILtv: Full Auto Friday

Cyclic, often belt-fed, select fire, fully automatic brass-dumping goodness. That's what you can expect from an episode of Full Auto Friday.
— Full Auto Friday is Presented to You By: FN

RECOILtv: Gun Room

History lessons, video overviews of takedowns, specifications, demonstrations, and candid reviews of every sort of firearm — including some you won't believe we got our hands on. It's one thing to watch a visit to the range with the marketing contact and latest release from a manufacturer; quite another to hit the range with door-kicking royalty or to go loud with the very last incarnation of a firearm in existence.
— Gun Room is Brought to You By: Kimber

RECOILtv: Mail Call

Mail Call will feature incoming products, equipment reviews and overviews, and a few derptastic atrocities that demand our mockery. Here you'll see things that run the gamut of practicality and quality.

RECOILtv: Road Trips

In Road Trips we'll be venturing forth RECOIL style. Think Americana filmed through a gun-lifestyle lens. Travelogue, transportation, visits to badass places, time on different gun ranges, tours of interesting facilities — we refuse to be home or office bound.


Whether you're venturing into remote places, preparing for worst case eventualities, or worried about SHTF-TEOTWAWKI, your primary concerns should be your skills and your gear. On this channel we'll be testing both. Our results may also be of interest to those of you living in parts of our country where civil unrest seems to now be a cottage industry.
— SHTF/OFFGRID is Brought to You BY: Cannae Pro Gear

RECOILtv: Sponsored Showcase

These will be sponsored product episodes, where we bring you the best shootin' irons and most rugged thingamawhatsits the manufacturers just can't bear not to show off.

RECOILtv: Training Tuneups

Software should always trump hardware when it comes to where you allocate time and resources — we're going to help with that by showing you the techniques preferred by the most skilled and experienced instructors in the business.
— Training Tuneups is Brought to You By: BCM

RECOILtv: Transport

From dune buggies to technicals, everyone loves a sweet ride. In Transport we'll be showcasing off-road, on-road, up-armored, four-wheeled, four-hooved, six-wheeled, two-wheeled, and tracked conveyances of every possible intended use. Hell, we're not even sure what we're going to be getting so there's no telling what you'll see.

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1Splendifericaleximiouslyprestantatiousness. One of our guys made that up, but honestly the rest of the staff thought it was real. Once the Captain gets going we only understand half of what he says anyway, and his Colour Sergeant never uses a $5 word when a $50 version is available.


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