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Beretta USA Answers Your PRS Prayers with the Limited Edition Tikka TSR-1

[UPDATE: Read the full RECOIL review online now.]

Beretta USA will begin shipping a limited number of a special edition Tikka rifles specifically built to compete in the Precision Rifle Series production division in a few weeks. In order to qualify for the production division, rifles must cost less than $2000, and the Tikka TSR-1 will hit the street with a $1995 MSRP, sans optic.

We are working on an exclusive review of this rifle for RECOIL issue 27, so we won't blow our load on the web. But, there's so much to like about this rifle that we wanted to share a few photos and some basic details as soon as Beretta USA gave us the all clear.2016-07-20-1856-watermarked2

“This is an opportunity for us to partner with Scott McRee and take what is a proven stock and incorporate it with the barrel and action of the Tikka T3 CTR,” Beretta USA's Phillip Jones told us, “It's a very limited run, probably 400 pieces.”

The heart of the TSR-1 is a Tikka T3 action and barrel chambered for either .260 Remington or .308 Winchester. If that smooth-running, 75-degree bolt and incredibly underrated adjustable, single-stage, factory trigger that breaks like a kitten wrist weren't enough to entice you from the Remington/Savage/Winchester offerings, check out that stock.

The TSR-1 features a McRee's Precision G10 folding rifle stock with an M-LOK compatible fore end, adjustable LOP and cheek riser, McRee's M-LEV integrated cant indicator, upper and lower Picatinny rails, QD sling swivel sockets and a sniper grey Cerakote finish. Beretta is also including one of McRee's Rear Stock Packs so they don't have to hear from sissies complaining about putting their dainty cheeks on that cold, aluminum cheek rest.

2016-07-21-1868-watermarkedThe barrel is the same Tikka factory semi-heavy contour model that came with Tikka's Compact Tactical Rifle. It bears 5/8-24 threads to accept your favorite muzzle device or direct thread silencer. In our photos, the rifle is topped with Steiner's M5xi 5-25 x 56 Military glass. It's not included, and coming in at $3600, the M5xi won't qualify for use in the PRS production division where glass must retail for less than $2000. But, we had it on hand and the TSR-1 looked a little too Walking Dead without an optic.

We've got the full what/why/how loadout coming on this competition ready rifle, so look for RECOIL 27 on sale September 19, 2016.

[UPDATE: Read the full RECOIL review online now.]


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