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Best gun for the cyberpunk dystopia?

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With the earth teetering on the brink of yet another apocalypse, I'm committed to asking and answering the hard questions. What's the best gun for the cyberpunk dystopia? To really understand that, we have to look at the unique qualities of this end-of-the-world event. First, it's old school. A plague? How delightfully retro. But unlike earlier plagues, we get to watch this one happen in real time, thanks to unprecedented levels of connectivity.

A fitting combination of old school and new school would be something that hearkened to the past, but embraced modern features and technology. Something like…a 9mm revolver with a red dot sight. And if it looked a little weird that would be even better. It so happens that Ruger was prepared for just this eventuality when they launched their Super GP100 9mm revolver. It's definitely old school because it's a revolver, but 9mm? Awesome. That means we can use the latest ammunition technology available in the gun, and also cripple it as an EDC revolver by requiring moonclips! That's very dystopian. I'd give second place to the absolute bananas looking Laugo Alien.

Next is the look of the thing, which some of my Instagram followers have described as “hideous,” or “an abomination in the eyes of the lord.” In their defense, the weirdly short cylinder combined with the long forcing cone does look awkward. When you couple that with the go-fast holes cut into the barrel sleeve, and the two-tone appearance, it certainly creates a striking gun. Striking enough that if it showed up in episode of Altered Carbon, you wouldn't be surprised. But it's still missing something to complete the look.

lord humungus all about that eye relief

What it's missing is the optic. As Lord Humungus showed us, if you're going to rock a wheelgun in the apocalypse, it needs to have an optic. A traditional magnified handgun scope with long eye relief doesn't match the style of this apocalypse, so in this case we went with the highly regarded Holosun 507c. This is a battery powered red dot sight with adjustable brightness and three user-switchable reticle options. It comes highly recommended by the red dot cognoscenti, including Steve Fisher, Aaron Cowan, and Scott Jedlinski. Once we procured the dot, the question is how to get it on the gun.

The Ruger Super GP100 isn't drilled for an optic though. Since it's the apocalypse, and we have to be self-sufficient, sending it off to a gunsmith for an expensive milling operation was out of the question. No, we tried three different red dot mounts to make this project work, all of which I paid for out of my own pocket. To make the red dot work, you have to remove the rear sight entirely. Iron sights are lame anyway, so off it goes. The first two mounts didn't work, for boring technical reasons. The third mount, from Weigand Combat, did work. It's their Weig-a-tinny mount, which adds a small strip of rail where the rear sight used to be. Since I don't know what “height over bore means” I slapped that mount on there, Loctited the screws down and now we're all here.

The next step will be to get the gun zeroed, but unfortunately all the gun ranges in my county are closed thanks to an executive order from the mayor. That's pretty lame, but at least I can dry fire. Instead of dry firing I bought accessories and ammo on the internet, because spending money helps ease the existential dread of the apocalypse. First things first is a holster with zero retention, but that showcases the optic so everyone knows what's up. useless in the apocalypseSecond, order moonclips from TK Custom, and moonclip carriers from 4Wheelguns.Com. The carriers are actually pretty nifty since they hold two clips stacked on top of each other. That means in the same belt space that a normal person could carry two 15 round magazines, I can get 16 rounds of 9mm. Which I'll admit doesn't seem like a great trade-off, but since we're grading on style points and not practically, it's an absolute win.

Hopefully, this guide will help guide you through picking the perfect gun for the cyberpunk dystopia. If you're interested in the Super GP100 and would like to see what I'm actually going to use it for when the world doesn't end, follow me on Instagram and check out my IGTV series about the Super GP100.

when it's time for colanders on faces

Don't forget your facial protection for this apocalypse

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