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Beyond Brokk Pants: Beyond Clothing’s Broga Pant

I’ve been wearing my Beyond Clothing ( BROKK MS Pants for almost a year now, and I thought you all might appreciate a little info on them.


Breaking down the walls of domestically manufactured high quality technical apparel; and BEYOND.

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The Description

The A5 Brokk MS Pant is a lightweight Pant designed (according to the manufacturer) for active use in warmer weather. The durable 4-way stretch nylon shell protects you from the wind and rain, while remaining breathable for moisture transport. 2-way stretch Cordura in the crotch gusset and pockets provide added strength. Wear the A5 Brokk MS Pant if you need lightweight durability for active use in warmer climates.

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The Skinny

I have been wearing the BROKK MS pants for nearly a year now. This has afforded me with the opportunity to experience them in all 4 seasons. Right out of the gate I liked the flexibility of these new “broga”, like yet relax fit pants [Yes — I invented a new word. Broga. Bro yoga.] Stretch mobility: check! Next feature I noticed initially were the zippered, angled thigh pockets. The angle and height of the zipper are just right for my average reach. Comfortably fits a medium Rite in the Rain notepad (don’t leave home without it), small data book, gloves and watch cap. Fits: though it will be a little awkward and put stress on the zipper you can carry 2 fully loaded 30 round AR mags in each thigh pocket — you know, in case you gotta get to that trunk gun and extra mags quick like. I am also able to fit 1 US Palm AK-30 mag in each thigh with room to spare for smaller implements.

The interior of the pockets are a breathable polyester mesh. Other materials are thoughtfully integrated to provide a combination of flexibility, durability, and functionality. For instance for a trouser which boasts a body of 91% nylon, and 9% spandex you’d think the only thing holding them up are your wide, child-bearing hips. Nope! This typically droopy material is framed by a skeleton of high tenacity nylon trim (48/47/5% high tenacity nylon/nylon/spandex). Good bone structure indeed!

Overall I am really digging these pants. They’ve held up in a 3 day Will Petty VCQB course where my elbows bloodied but knees didn’t as well as the nettles of the 88 Tactical survival dojo. They suffered not one fray from the catclaws of Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri or the briars of Ft. Huachuca, AZ. These mugs have proven themselves. Did I mention they are manufactured in the United States of America?

Note: Beyond Apparel describes these as pants for warmer weather but I do not agree. I was more comfortable in 25 degree Fahreinheit at 10,000 ft elevation, with 3 ft. of snow on the ground, than in 95 degrees Fahreinheit with 90% humidity. The black pants was the biggest reason, but I actually found the pants to be a better insulator against snow/moisture and wind than a trouser choice for emission and wicking of heat and moisture. In retrospect I’d choose a lighter subdued color, and I’d recommend that Beyond just advertise these as “all weather. Be aware of this if you intend to wear them only in very hot or humid climes. Quality wise (structure, design, sewing and material) they are well worth their price (MSRP is $295) and will take a hell of a beating but for three hundred bones you’ll want to make sure they’ll serve your intended purpose.

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Also be advised of their fit. Beyond Clothing runs slim. Other wearers may have had a different experience, but my pair is sized appropriately for someone who wears a size 34/32. They’re comfortable on me and I wear a 32/32. Someone any bigger might run the risk of a skinny jean European tourist look in these if they weren’t careful.

Hand Pockets

Zippered Thigh Pockets

Back Pockets

Left knife pocket

Articulated knees


Tweave® Durastretch® with DWR

2-way stretch Cordura®



Water Resistant

Wind Resistant

Stretch Mobility

You can learn more or purchase a pair here. You can follow them on Facebook here.

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