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Brand New & Shiny: Glock 46

No, that wasn't a typo in the title, we're talking about the Glock 46. A German-language magazine, Das Magazin für Waffenbesitzer (The Magazine for Weapon Owners) featured a full breakdown recently. And no, it's definitely not just another Gen5.


The G46 was reportedly made specifically for the German police (think 17/19M) and there are some significant changes from previous models. Going from the photos, the G19-sized G46 has the same ambi slide stop, single trigger pin, and lack of finger grooves as the new Gen5. There appears to be some changes from the Gen5 frame in the form of a much larger beavertail and maybe the much maligned front cutout on the grip isn't present. However, the major changes with the Glock 46 appear to be on the top end.

Yes, that's a rotating barrel as opposed to a tilting one. At least two patents have been filed in recent months, including one regarding the rotary barrel.

Another feature of the G46 is that it can be taken down without having to pull the trigger–something that has caused many complaints of safety over the decades. We have reached out to Glock Inc for commentary on the G46 and we'll update as more information comes in. As to whether it ever gets released on the American market? Your guess is as good as ours.

Update 9/25:
We received this official response from GLOCK Inc

The GLOCK 46 was developed by GLOCK Ges.m.b.H in response to an oversees solicitation. The pistol meets or exceeds all of the solicitation requirements and is not currently available to the US market.


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