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S&W Monday Morning Carry: Breakfast with a P9C

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Despite being long time Smith & Wesson Collectors and Armorers, some of us have had a lasting love/hate relationship with the M&P models that tended more toward the hate side of things. One might even say pure, unbridled hate. Most of that had to with the factory trigger. We’re just not fond of the way it's designed — there is creep, slop, and mush, which is a terrible combination in a firearm (or prison food).

Shooting is all about consistency, and the M&P’s factory trigger is anything but. However we found a cure from the gun doctors at Apex, and after sourcing a trigger kit through Brownells, we turned the M&P9C into one of our go-to guns for EDC.

The Apex Tactical S&W M&P Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit includes a forward set sear, trigger, striker block kit, and spring kit.

Apex’s striker block kit includes the striker block, spring, and talon tactical tool. You get a sear spring, ram spring, and two trigger return springs in the spring kit — a 4- and a 5.5-pound. Additionally, there’s a trigger return spring installation tool that takes the headache out of trying to install the return spring.

The forward set trigger eliminates the slop or mushiness in the trigger by eliminating pre-travel and over-travel. It’s equipped with a center-mounted pivoting safety bar that prevents unintended operation by creating a trigger block that will not disengage unless the shooter places their finger on the center of the trigger. It also encourages trigger manipulation directly in line with the bore axis.

By setting the sear in a forward position, Apex shortens the stroke of the trigger pull by dropping the striker at a point farther forward than the factory sear. Coupled with the forward-set striker block that has an improved radius on the striker block face, the shooter gets a smoother trigger pull and a positive reset. Total trigger travel is reduced to 0.12 inch.

With that in mind, let's look at the first of a few favored S&W P9C carry options — more in the coming weeks.

S&W Monday Morning Carry: Breakfast with a P9C

LOADOUT 1: Traveling Out of Town

mmedc 001

This is the version we use most often for travel, and it's very basic. The holster is by Blackstorm Defense, the pen is a Benchmade rollerball, the knife is an Al Mar Eagle, the coin pouch is a “Chicago Candy Bar” by Starlingear, a Leatherman Micra held in place by a Munroe Dangler serves as arguably the most useful multi-tool outside a Swiss Army Knife, and a Lenslight flashlight closes it all up. The only thing lacking here is some sort of small, concealable IFAK– several of which we're in the process of reviewing for a future issue of CONCEALMENT, if you're interested…

Blackstorm Defense's IWB Holster is designed for both concealment and comfort. Adjustable for both height and cant, it consists of a backing board made from top grain premium steer-hide, and the leather front is finished with a durable polyurethane finish as a protective measure. The holster body is molded from Kydex to the exact specifications of each gun model.


The Starlingear Chicago Candy Bar is a coin sap purse that fits in the palm of your hand, putting a roll of quarters at your disposal to feed parking meters. Theoretically it could also be used to wallop a bad guy in such a way as to leave a bad guy wanting coloring books and a big for Christmas from that day forward.

Starlingear delivers the gift that keeps on giving.

chicago-candybar chicagocandybarsg

Some see nothing but folly in a tactical pen; we disagree. Most importantly of course, it gives you something to write with, but it can be used for defense in extremis. They are not designed for room clearing or pitched combat, but think of an officer writing a ticket who gets bum rushed with just a pen in his hand and no time to draw a weapon; or you, riding an elevator with what looks like all the extras from American History X. Thoughnot a specialized weapon by any means, a tactical pen gives you some modicum of self defense when your sidearm or blade might be stowed away, unavailable,or languishing at home in the safe because despite your every wish to the contrary the boss sent you on a trip to D.C.

We like Benchmade's roller ball a lot.


As for the Munroe Mega Dangler, this is a small piece of gear so cool we never knew how we got along without one for so long until after we had one. As cool as the Micra or Swisstech tools may be, we typically lose them in a pocket of a jacket, leave them in a sharpening stone pouch on an old school knife sheath or attach them to a set of keys we may not use every day. The Mega Dangler keeps them in your pocket close at hand and acts as a bottle opener when needed.

dangler 002


What do you carry? Have a favorite multi-tool or after-market trigger? Let us know in the comments. We'll talk more about P9C options in future installments of Monday Morning Carry.

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