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Brethren Armament Model 33 Carbines in 5.56

Brethren Armament Announces a Short Production Run of Model 33 Carbines in 5.56

There are currently few options available if you're in the market for a roller-locked 5.56 rifle. Zenith are importing as many as they can get their hands on from Turkey, Century are out of the game, as are Vector and (thankfully) any of the phoenix-like companies that flamed out due to egotism and crappy customer service.

Brethren Armament 1

Brethren Armament Model 33 Carbines in 5.56

We featured Brethren Armament's BAP9 pistol on the cover of RECOIL #11 and so are familiar with the quality of their products. They recently announced a short production run of model 33 carbines in 5.56 and if you're generally bored with the AR scene and are looking for something a bit different to round out your collection, you may wish to check them out.

The spec list is as good or better then anything out there, and while they do use some imported components from parts kits, they're built in the good ol' USA and are fully 922(r) compliant. In addition, they offer a few improvements to the specification of the original guns. The internals are all finished in black nitride for increased wear resistance and lubricity, there's a wide forend and, joy of joys, no need to rely on the cheesy HK claw mount should you wish to mount optics – there's a Picatinny rail welded to the upper receiver.

Brethren Armament 2

1300 clams gets you your choice of either black or FDE Cerakote, with plenty of oversized charging handle slapping included for free.

Here you go:

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