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Bushnell Pro rangefinder deal on Amazon

Update: It's sold out.

This Bushnell Pro rangefinder is on sale at Amazon for $160 today. What's the big deal? It's a $400+ rangefinder that's fine for hunting and tactical use (with a little Krylon.)

Sure, this one is dressed up for golf, but it's virtually the same rangefinder Bushnell sells on the tactical side of the house. Apparently, this model had some manufacturing issues early on; ergo the deep discount. But, Amazon says they are only selling updated versions that don't suffer from the same issues as the recalled version.

Be advised this version has built-in golf functions instead of the ballistic calculator found in the shooters version. We use a LRF in concert with our AB Kestrel to get a dead nuts accurate ballistic firing solution. So, the tac/hunting version's generic BDC system isn't something we'd pay for, especially when the non-ballistic calculator version is only $160.

$160 for a weatherproof/shockproof 1 mile laser rangefinder is a kick ass deal, if you have the stomach for a little risk.

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