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Buy a bunch of UTM, Get Free Bolts.

UTM RBT Worldwide produces a variety of training ammunition and equipment, but they're best known for their MMR (Man Marker Round). Available in a wide range of calibers (from 5.7mm to 7.62N and a lot in between), MMR rounds can be a fantastic training aid for use in Force-on-Force exercises. No more, ‘I got you!–no! I got you!' blank-fire bickering with these.

To use UTM rounds, instead of complete barrel/upper replacement, you just need a simple bolt conversion. Using this method, the shooters keep the same sights/optic/accessory configuration while maintaining live-fire safety since the UTM bolts will not ignite regular ammunition; the less you have to change about your duty weapon during force-on-force training, the better off you'll be.


But they make more than just the Man Marker Rounds. Also in inventory are Battlefield Blank Rounds (BBR, which some have called, “blanks that actually work”), Silent Blank Rounds (SBR), and Target Bullet Rounds (TBR. Not for force-on-force but suitable for non-live targets in many non-ballistic shoot houses). Additionally UTM RBT carries protective equipment, props, accessories, and even portable training facilities.


Agency and departmental budgets have almost always been the sticking point. Not only do you need the ammunition, but you also need the conversions. UTM started a promotion to help take the edge off. From now until the end of the year, for every purchase of 15,000 5.56 UTM rounds (MMR, SBR, or BBR in any combination) you'll get 20 AR/M16 bolts for free. This medley makes a ton of sense, as M16/M4 variants are ubiquitous in agencies and training programs across the nation.


For more information, visit UTM online here, or give them a follow on Facebook or Twitter.

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