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Canine Armor from CQB K9

The charming lady in the picture below is Beátka CQB K-9 – though you would not know it from her demure expression, she has titanium teeth. The vest she is wearing is a new K9 body armor from CQB K9. According to CQB K9's Alex Dunbar (pictured below rappelling with K9 ‘Bear'), the vest is manufactured of Spectra-Gold. It's Level III-A, and this one was made in desert digi (Cordura) for high altitude desert operations. This is a proprietary CQB K9 design used by police K9s and MWD (Military Working Dogs) around the world.

“We will have future models with MOLLE attachments and more customization,” Alex says. “It is the best life insurance for your K9, next to training.”

According to the NIJ, level IIIA armor is rated as follows:

The armor will soon be available with MultiCam, woodland digital and black; there is even a HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jumpable prototype being tested. Watch the website for the commercial release, which is coming soon. We will be following up with Alex next week and will tell you more about CQB K9 and their armor for working dogs then.

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