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Carnivore Issue #2

One of the most frequent questions we’ve been asked on social media these past few months has been: When will the next issue of CARNIVORE hit the shelves? It appears to have touched a nerve with a lot of folks across a wide spectrum of meat eaters — so we’re proud to offer this issue and everything it represents.

I’m in the very privileged position of working with the best and hardest-working team in the business. When we huddled around a conference table to decide the direction this magazine would take, we considered the motivations of you, our audience.

According to every survey we managed to dig up, the No. 1 reason people gave when asked why they hunted was to put meat on the table; the second was to spend time outdoors with friends and family. That got us thinking. If those are indeed the most important aspects of the hunting experience, why does it seem that in other publications and on social media the most prominent photo is the one that seems to be at odds with these stated goals?

You know the one — it’s the pic where the heroic scribe is grinning behind the slain animal, grasping its horns with the sponsor-provided rifle and gear propped against it.

Since 1980, the number of hunters in the U.S. has dropped from 18 million to 10.5 million, seriously impacting the way wildlife conservation programs are funded. When it comes to paying for environmental improvements that benefit all wildlife, not just the species we hunt, we’re the only ones with skin in the game. Not mountain bikers, climbers, or hikers. Hunters, through the sale of licenses and tags, along with the 11-percent excise tax we pay on firearms and ammunition, foot the bill.

If the American model of conservation is to continue, then we all need to explain to people who don’t hunt why it is that public lands, hunting, and the continuation of this way of life are important. One way we can do this is by being conscious of the image we portray to the wider audience. By all means, let’s celebrate our success afield, but let’s also show that the hunting experience lasts all year-round by sharing pictures of the amazing, field-to-table meals we create in the months when our camo is in the closet. Better yet, share your table with a non-hunter and let them experience first-hand the number-one reason we do what we do.

To preview the issue click here: CARNIVORE 2


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