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CCI Adds Segmented Mini-Mags for Varmint Hunters

CCI‘s new segmented Mini-Mags should make varment hunters very happy with the segmented hollow point bullet being added to the well regarded Mini-Mag line.

Staying true to everything we know and love about the Mini-Mag, CCI added a 40-grain bullet that segments into three distinct parts once the bullet impacts its mark. This creates three distinct wound channels for a quick kill.

It appears that the segmented hollow point has been around for a bit in the standard velocity CCI loads as well as a Quiet-22 load that is hearing safe when shot in rifles. Based on the reports from small game hunters, the segmented hollow point does a wonderful job of stopping small animals without as much of a risk of overpenetration.

Since CCI is using the Mini-Mag as a base for the new load, shooters will enjoy the consistent CCI priming they always have as well as a clean-burning powder that has been designed to leave less fouling than other rimfire loads.

According to CCI, the new .22lr load has been tailored to fit into the varment hunter's arsenal nicely and will feature a rather flat trajectory thanks to the 1,235 ft/sec muzzle velocity with the bullet only rising 2.9″ at 50-yards when the rifle is sighted in at 100-yards.

The segmented Mini-Mag .22 LR will be offered in a 100 count box like the rest of the Mini-Mag lineup and carries an MSRP of $9.95.

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