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Censorship and Antifragility: Aero Precision

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In his book, Antifragile Nicholas Nassim Taleb describes his concept as something which gains from disorder or resistance. Having no word to accurately describe something that is the opposite of fragile, he argues that the term robust does not go far enough, and is neutral at best. Antifragility is a trait, whether it be in markets, military strategies, or bone mass, that grows off of the volatility of their environments. Recently, Aero Precision was removed from Instagram, but Gun Culture has responded in an antifragile way.

Aero Precision cut a path through the thickly populated AR-15 market and carries a reputation of producing components for the Builders. With the Aero a homage to their manufacturing in the aerospace field, their products have made it into more than one buildsheet in RECOIL. By helping redefine value in the flooded market, Aero punches well above their cost of entry.

aero precision MUSA

Instagram has a long track record of pulling down popular pages that revolve around or involve firearms. Not too long ago, Garand Thumb's page disappeared for a while, only to return with little explanation. So when Instagram decides to take down Aero Precision's popular Instagram page, we can't say that we're surprised. In the event that the original page does not return, the new handle for Aero Precision in Instagram is @aeroprecision.

At the time of writing, the new Instagram page has just shy of 40k followers. Not long after the original page was shut down, the gun culture responded through a decentralized effort to spread the word. While gun control continues to lose public approval, censorship on social media hasn't shown signs of slowing.

The phenomenon that is American Gun Culture has responded to censorship in an antifragile way. This can be seen in the sudden spike in firearms purchasing whenever politicians push for banning certain firearms, as well as by continuing to grow despite political and cultural opposition. While social media platforms normalize censoring firearms-related content, the culture revolving around firearms shows that it doesn't need their approval to continue thriving.

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