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Combat Flip Flops is looking for vetrepreneurs

Combat Flip Flops is looking for some veterans; their goal is to help make vetrepreneurs. CFF are the manufacturers of those execrable AK-47 sandals and were the designers of the sweet-ass cashmagh so aptly described once as a “…billowing shawl made of silk and the caresses of angels around your neck.”

Anyway. They're growing and they’re looking for veterans to join their movement.

CFF, among whose staff are a couple of combat veteran pseudo-hippies, is advising the following:

Creating peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for people affected by conflict is no easy job, but it sure does have its rewards. Being a veteran-owned company, Combat Flip Flops’ strives to support veterans, the country, and those downrange. Taking a page from their Green Beret brothers, they’re instituting the Village Stability Operations (VSO) Program.

“As a country, we’ve spent the past 14 years fixing somebody else’s village—it’s time to get to work in ours,” said Combat Flip Flops founder and CEO, Matthew ‘Griff’ Griffin.

Demand has been growing fast, and Combat Flip Flops is now independently contracting veterans to spread stoke by starting mobile storefronts across the country where they can sell cool stuff made in dangerous places, like local events and festivals. The company is looking for driven, creative, self-motivated individuals who want to do some good while making a little dough. Who better than a veteran, right?


  • A $6000 investment sets the veteran up to sell with support channels in place. The program includes:
  • Combat Flip Flops Sales Kit. All of the sales and collateral materials and booth structure to professionally present the Combat Flip Flops brand at events.
  • Inventory. A selection of men’s and ladies flip flops, sarongs, shemaghs and jewelry to start selling.
  • Training and Sales Support. Having the right tools and backend support makes a big difference when starting a business. Combat Flip Flops’ lays out the ground work, helps qualify which sales channels are right for the veteran and geographic area, and offers support throughout the mission.
  • Financing. In partnership with veteran-owned and focused StreetShares, VSO sales reps can get financing with competitive rates.

“The veterans coming back to the states now are the most able, solution-focused group of people our country has ever known,” said Griff. “We want them back home, focusing on their villages, and building a life while serving their country for years to come.”

CFF - Afghan women making sarongs

Justin Springer, owner of Ft. Wayne Strength and Condition/Guerilla CrossFit, concurs, saying,

“I own a CrossFit gym and am a veteran, so the Combat Flip Flops VSO program is a no-brainer for me. We have the displays and all of the flip flops and other gear up at all times in the gym and whenever we go to a local competition, we take the tent and we sell the gear. Let's face it, you are going to the competitions anyway to support your athletes, might as well make a few bucks while you’re at it. We last set up at a competition in April 2015 just outside of Indianapolis and generated $1300 in sales over the weekend. We set up the tent so we could watch the comp the whole time, it was a win-win.”

Combat Flip Flops manufactures peace through trade by working with people who live in conflict areas like Afghanistan, Colombia and Laos, along with the good ole’ US of A. By selling at festivals and events in their local areas, on their own schedule, veterans can make money and be part of a growing community doing good and having fun.

With a willingness to take bold risks, connect communities, and design impactful products, Combat Flip Flops’ ‘Business, Not Bullets’ mantra is flipping the view on how wars are won. Through persistence, respect, and creativity, the mindful consumer is empowered to manufacture peace through trade. For more information and to join the VSO program, please visit or contact Matthew Griffin at Griff (at)

Wanna know more about CFF? Read this article on Gizmodo or this story on Action Institute Power Blog.


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