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Complete Grey Ghost Precision Glock Slides Shipping

Grey Ghost Precision recently announced the availability of their new Glock slides–complete minus sights through Aero Precision.


Available in two different patterns for gen 3 and 4 Glocks with red dot and threaded options, Grey Ghost Precision started designing these slides back in January of 2015; instead of simply reworking OEM slides or purchasing blanks from a third party, GGP did it the hard way and did it all themselves.

In an effort to achieve a higher accuracy standard, Grey Ghost pairs their own match barrels with the slide. Anecdotally we've been told that the GGP slide/barrel combos are 30% more accurate (see our piece on aftermarket barrel/slide testing procedures here and here).

With all of the engineering work complete, they teamed up with another PNW-powerhouse company, Aero Precision, for mass production of the slides.

Here's a Facebook live video we did with GW Ayers of Grey Ghost Precision about the slides:


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